Set up a shortcut to ACT

By default, the Attachmate Customization Tool (ACT) can be opened only from a command line. However, you can create a file shortcut and set the shortcut properties to open this tool. Although creating this shortcut is optional, you will find that it saves time when you are working with ACT.

To set up a shortcut that opens ACT

  1. On your administrative installation point, right-click the setup.exe file then select Create Shortcut.

  2. Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties.

  3. In the Target field, add the /admin option to the end of the command line. For example:

    \\myServer\adminInstallPoint\setup.exe /admin

    NOTE:Make sure that the path in the Target field follows the Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) format. Do not use drive letters in the path name — this can cause problems when you try to use the shortcut on other workstations.

  4. Rename the shortcut and save it to the desktops of your workstation and the server you are using for your administrative installation point.