Creating a Companion Install Package

Create a companion install package (also called a "companion database") to install any files that are not installed with Reflection for Secure IT.

Because companion files are installed independently of Reflection for Secure IT, you can upgrade the product without removing these support files. You can also deploy additional support files without re-installing the product. If, for example, you are supporting several business units that require their own customized configuration files, you can create a companion install package for each business unit.

Companion install packages support:

  • Specification of files and installation directories.
  • Shortcuts for selected files.
  • Addition of custom application settings.
  • Chaining with the primary installer (chaining must be specified in the .mst file).
  • Removal without affecting the primary installs. (The primary install can also be removed without affecting the files added with a companion package.)

Companion install packages can be installed with any mechanism that supports MSI packages. The packages have no built-in user interface, other than the standard progress bar.

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