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Start and Stop the Server

Use the console to start and stop the server.

To start the server

  • Restart Windows.

    The server is installed as a service and starts automatically whenever you start Windows.


  • Launch the server console and click Action > Start Server.


  • Click the toolbar Start button:

    toolbar Start button

To stop the server

  • Launch the server console and click Action > Stop Server.


  • Click the toolbar Stop button:

    toolbar Stop button

To restart the server

  • On the Action menu, click Restart Server.


  • Click the toolbar Restart button:

    toolbar Restart button

    A restart stops and restarts the server. If you have changed the server configuration, restarting the server ensures that all client connections use the new settings. Without a restart, new client sessions use the new settings, but existing connections continue to use the settings that were in effect when those connections were established.