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Subconfiguration Overview

Using subconfigurations, you can apply settings to particular client hosts, users, and/or groups. Subconfiguration information is saved in the server configuration file.

The server uses the following logic to apply subconfiguration settings.

  1. Global settings apply to any client user who does not match a configured subconfiguration.
  2. Host-specific settings override global settings.
  3. Group-specific settings override host and global settings.
  4. User-specific settings override host, group, and global settings.

When you configure subconfigurations, you'll see these items in the server panels:


Reload inherited settings

Removes subconfiguration-specific values from all settings on this pane. All settings values revert to their current inherited state.

Note: This change is not finalized until you save your configuration using File > Save.


non-inherited setting icon (asterisk) (blue asterisk)
Setting is no longer inherited

An asterisk indicates that the value of a setting is specific to the current subconfiguration. The server always applies the specified value, regardless of any subsequent changes you make to global or inherited settings.

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