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Getting there

Use these settings to transfer control of authentication to a RADIUS authentication server.

Use RADIUS authentication

This option is not available if keyboard interactive authentication is disabled on the Password pane (either Password authentication is set to Deny or Password authentication using keyboard interactive is unchecked).


Attempt local password authentication if RADIUS fails.

Enable this setting to allow users to log in locally if RADIUS authentication fails.

Authentication Servers

You can add one or more RADIUS servers to this list. Reflection for Secure IT attempts to authenticate client users by contacting the listed servers in order until a response to the authentication request is received.


Inherit servers

This option is available only if you are creating or editing a subconfiguration. When it is selected (the default) inherited servers are listed after any other servers you have configured.

For example, if you are creating a user subconfiguration, you see globally configured servers at the end of the list. New servers added for the user subconfiguration appear above the globally configured servers.

Note: You can't delete or edit individual inherited servers.

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