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Mapped Drives Pane

Getting there

Mapped drives are available to client terminal sessions.

Note: Items on this pane can be configured globally or as part of a subconfiguration.


The options are:


Inherit drives

This option is available only if you are creating or editing a subconfiguration. When Inherit drives is checked, the client user inherits mapped drive settings from any applicable configuration higher in the following order of inheritance:

client host

For example, if you enable Inherit drives for a user and disable it for a group to which that user belongs, the user inherits directories configured for the group, but does not inherit client host and global drives.

Note: Inherited global drives show up in the directory list as read-only entries. Applicable group drives may also be visible as read-only entries. Inherited drives from client host subconfigurations are applied when the user connects, and are not visible in this list.


The drive letter for this mapped drive.

Network path

The UNC path for this drive.


The user whose rights determine what access is granted.

[Client user] indicates that the user has access to drives based on the access rights of his or her own Windows account. If any other credential is specified the user is granted the rights associated with the specified credential.

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