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Certificates Pane

Getting there

Use the Certificates pane to configure connections to one or more instances of PKI Services Manager. PKI Services Manager provides certification verification services. You need to install and use this service if you are using certificates for user authentication.


  • Before you configure these settings, you need to install and configure Reflection PKI Services Manager and start that server.
  • If you configure connections to more than one PKI server, Reflection for Secure IT uses a load balancing system to determine which PKI server to connect to.
  • To ensure that each of your PKI Services Manager servers returns the same validation for all certificates, make sure that all servers have identical trust anchors, configuration settings, and mapping files.
  • A connection to localhost is configured by default. You can use this default connection if you installed PKI Services Manager on the same computer as <prod_rsit_short> using the default installation location and the default port. If you are running PKI Services Manager on one or more other computers, remove this entry and add new servers as described in Configure Certificate Authentication for Users.




Add a new PKI server to the list of available servers.



Edit the selected server



Remove the selected server.


Launch PKI Manager

This option is available only if PKI Services Manager is installed on the same computer as Reflection for Secure IT.

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