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Manual Host Key Migration

When you install Reflection for Secure IT on a computer that is already running an older version of the Reflection for Secure IT server (6.1 or earlier) or an F-Secure server, the upgraded server automatically copies your previous host key to the correct host key location and, if necessary, converts the key format.

If you have installed to a 64-bit system, and your existing host key uses a format that requires conversion, the automatic host key conversion may fail.

Note: To test the format of a converted key, go to the Identity pane, and then under Host key, click Browse, and double-click the host key name. If the upgrade was not successful, you'll see a message saying, "The selected file is not a valid private key."

If the automatic key migration was unsuccessful, use the following procedure to convert and install your host key:

To migrate a host key manually from an earlier version

  1. Open a DOS command window.
  2. Navigate to your F-Secure installation folder. For a default installation, the command is:

    cd C:\Program Files\F-Secure\ssh server

  3. Enter the following command:

    ./ssh-keygen2 -P -1 hostkey

    Host key files named hostkey_ssh2 and are created.

  4. Copy the updated key to the name and location specified for Private key on the Identity pane, or update the server to use a different name and location.