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Mapped Drive Settings Dialog Box

Getting there


The drive letter that will be available to terminal session users.

Note: In some cases, drive letters that are available from this drop-down list may conflict with drives that are already mapped for a particular client user. When this occurs, the drive you map on the Reflection for Secure IT server won't be available to that user.

Network path

This must be a UNC path. For example:


Use the credential of the client user

When this is selected (the default), the drive you specify is available to the client user if he or she has access rights to that network location.



Use a specific credential

Select this option to grant the client user rights associated with an alternate user whose name and password are stored in the credential cache.



Select Credential

Opens the Select Credential dialog box.

Note: The same cache is used to store credentials for multiple features. By default, when you open Select Credential from Mapped Drive Settings, you'll see any available credentials that can be used to provide access to mapped drives. You can select an available name from the list, add a new name, or change the filter to view additional credentials.

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