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Add/Edit Credential Dialog Box

Getting there

Use this dialog box to add or edit credentials in the secure credential cache.

Note: The same cache is used to store credentials for multiple features. Which Allowed uses you see selected depends on how you got to the dialog box.

The options are:


Specify the user using this format:


If you omit the domain, the user is assumed to be local.



Enter the Windows password for this user



Click to see if the credentials are valid.

Last used

(Read only) displays the last time this credential was used for user authentication.

Note: The Last Used date is updated when a user logs in when Use credentials in the cache for authentication is selected. It is not updated when a credential is used for mapped drives, SFTP directories, or domain access.

Allowed uses

User authentication

This option is relevant only if users log into the server without using their Windows credentials (for example using public key authentication). Cached credentials provide these users with access to remote resources using their own Windows credentials. Without using cached credentials, users who log in with public key authentication have access to folders on local drives, but don't have access to network resources.

Mapped drives and SFTP accessible directories

This option allows you to provide access to mapped drives and file transfer directories that wouldn't be available to a user based on that user's own Windows account privileges.

Note: When you open this dialog box from either the Mapped Drives or SFTP Directories pane, this option is selected by default and not configurable.

Domain access

This option allows you to specify a Windows account that the server can use when it queries Windows Active Directory for user attributes and group membership.

Note: When you open this dialog box from the Domain Access pane, this option is selected by default and not configurable.

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