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Set Data Folder Dialog Box

Getting there

Caution: The data folder stores sensitive information, including the host private key and the credential cache. The default data folder is configured to provide access only to SYSTEM and Administrators. This helps secure sensitive data by preventing users from viewing and/or changing the contents of the folder. If you configure an alternate data folder, check the Security settings on that folder, and change these settings, if necessary, so no other users or groups have access to this folder.



  • When you change the Data folder setting, Reflection for Secure IT creates a new host key and a new default configuration file in the new location unless these files already exist in the new location. As a result, any settings you have previously configured are no longer used. After you make this change, you can use the console to configure your desired settings and the changes will be saved to the new location. Or, you can copy existing data (such as the host key and your existing configuration file) to the new data folder location.
  • Changes you make in this dialog box are saved to the Windows registry in the following key location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Attachmate\RSecureServer. In a cluster environment, these changes are replicated to other nodes in your cluster by the cluster service.


The options are:

Use default folder

Use the default data folder. Reflection for Secure IT uses this folder to store the host public and private key, the configuration file, the credential cache. It is also the default location for text log files.

Note: To configure a non-default host key or log location, change the values of Private key or Log file directory after you change your data folder; these settings are saved to the configuration file, which changes when you change the data folder.


Use custom folder

Select this option to configure a non-default data folder.



Enable clustering and use cluster folder

This option configures Reflection for Secure IT to run in an Microsoft cluster environment. For Data folder specify a local folder on the shared physical disk you have set up as part of your cluster group.

Note: To configure a cluster, you must be running the server in a Microsoft cluster environment. The Microsoft cluster service is required to manage access to shared resources.



Data folder

Specify the new data folder location. This must be a local folder. Network folders are not allowed. (If Use default folder is selected, this option is not available and any path displayed is ignored.)

Note: You need to use the Browse button to select the folder. Reflection for Secure IT enforces this in order to ensure that you select an existing folder location.

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