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Troubleshooting Reflection for Secure IT Help

Problem: No help displays when you run Reflection for Secure IT on Vista.

The Reflection for Secure IT application help (*.hlp) uses the Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe). Support for this program is not included with the Vista operating system. To view the help files, you can download and install WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center.

To download the Windows Help program

After you have installed the Windows Help support, you will be able to view the application help, however some macros used by the Reflection for Secure IT application help are disabled in Vista by default. You can view the help without enabling these macros, however some functionality is lost and you may see occasional messages saying a macro could not run. You can enable full macro support by editing the Windows registry.

To enable macros by modifying the registry

  1. Add the following new subkey to the registry:

    On 32-bit editions of Vista:


    On 64-bit editions of Vista:


  2. Add a DWORD value named AllowProgrammaticMacros to this subkey.
  3. Set the value for AllowProgrammaticMacros to 1. This value enables macros.

    Note: Macros are disabled if this registry value does not exist, or if it is set to 0.

For additional information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 917607 (