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Getting there

The options are:


Maximum number of connections

Sets the maximum number of client connections allowed. Sessions that reuse an existing tunnel are considered a single connection. Use zero (0) to set no limit. In this case, limits set by the operating system may affect the number of possible connections.



Note: You can use Maximum number of connections to avoid exhausting the Windows system memory available for creating desktop heaps. For more information, see Managing System Resources.


Session time-out (seconds)

Sets the number of seconds a connection can remain inactive before the server terminates the connection. If a connection tunnel is shared by multiple sessions, all sessions must remain idle for this duration. Use zero (0) to set no limit.


Banner message file

Identifies a file that contains text for a banner message. The server sends this text to the client before the client authenticates. Use of a banner is necessary in some jurisdictions to ensure legal protection against violators. If the file is in a format other than UTF-8, it is automatically converted to UTF-8.

Note: Some clients do not support banner display. If you configure a banner, you should ensure that your Secure Shell client supports this feature.