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Configure Cluster Dialog Box

Getting there

To configure a cluster, you must be running the server in a Microsoft cluster environment. The Microsoft cluster service is required to manage access to shared resources.

Enable Cluster

Configures Reflection for Secure IT to run in an Microsoft cluster environment.

Configuration directory path

Specify the folder you want to use for Reflection for Secure IT data. This replaces the default data folder. This should be a local folder on the shared physical disk you have set up as part of your cluster group.

Note: When you modify Configuration directory path, Reflection for Secure IT looks in the new location for the server configuration file. As a result, any settings you have previously configured on this computer are no longer used. After you make this change, you can use the console to configure your desired settings, and the changes are now saved to the new location. Or, you can copy existing data (such as the host key and your existing configuration file) to the shared configuration directory.


Changes you make in this dialog box are saved to the Windows registry in the following key location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Attachmate\RSecureServer. These changes are replicated to other nodes in your cluster by the cluster service.

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