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File Transfer Overview

The Reflection for Secure IT server supports secure file transfer using any of the following options:

  • SCP1
  • SCP2
  • SFTP

You can allow or deny client access to these protocols using the Permissions pane.

Note: SCP1 is the SCP protocol used by OpenSSH. This protocol does not use the SFTP subsystem; it executes an rcp command through the secure channel. SCP2 uses the SFTP protocol.

Use the SFTP Directories pane to modify file transfer directory access for users. You can:

  • Specify the user login directory.

    The default login directory is the Windows user profile directory.

  • Create virtual directory names.

    Use virtual directories to customize the directory names visible to users.

  • Configure which directories are accessible to users.

    By default users have access to files in their Windows profile directory. You can change this default and/or add access to additional directories.

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