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Control Upload and Download Access

By default, users have full access to the directories configured on the SFTP Directories pane. You can use directory permissions to limit what kinds of actions users can perform.

To configure accessible directory permissions

Note: This change affects both SCP2 and SFTP transfers.

  1. Start the server console, and then click Configuration.
  2. Click Permissions and clear Allow SCP1 to disable access using this protocol.
  3. Click SFTP Directories.
  4. Select a directory and click Edit.
  5. Configure Accessible directory permissions. For example, to allow users to view and download files, but disallow any changes to the server files, leave Browse and Download checked, and clear Upload, Delete, and Rename.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click File > Save.

Caution: Client users may have a number of ways to access server files and directories. Factors to consider when configuring your server include session access, tunneling access, and file and directory permissions configured on the system.

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