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Reflection for Secure IT Windows Server is a full-featured, easily customizable Windows-based Secure Shell server.

With Reflection for Secure IT version 7.1 SP1, you can:

  • Support secure file transfer using the Secure Shell protocol
  • Control and customize file transfer directories
  • Monitor the number of connected sessions
  • Configure all server settings using the server console
  • Configure public key, certificate, or GSSAPI host authentication
  • Configure password, keyboard interactive, public key, certificate, RADIUS, SecurID, and GSSAPI/Kerberos user authentication
  • Specify which encryption, hashing, and key exchange algorithms the server supports
  • Enforce FIPS140-2 algorithm standards
  • Control access to the server from client hosts, groups, or users
  • Configure customized settings for client hosts, individual users, or user groups
  • Audit and troubleshoot using configurable logging information
  • Use command-line utilities to control the server and manage keys and certificates
  • Configuring the server to run in a clustered environment