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Install to a Non-Default Location on Sun Solaris

To install Reflection for Secure IT to a non-default location, you can create a response file (a text file that provides information to the installer package) and use the PREFIX variable to identify the target directory for the installation. The PREFIX variable has the following effects:

  • Configuration files and keys that are installed by default to /etc/ssh2 are relocated to $PREFIX/etc/ssh2.
  • Binaries and man pages that are installed by default to /usr are relocated to $PREFIX.

The following installed items are not relocated: startup and shutdown scripts, the cryptographic module, and the PKI client library.

To install to a non-standard location

  1. Create the target directory.
  2. Create a response file (rsp in this example) that redirects the installation to your target directory (/opt/rsit in this example).

    echo "PREFIX=/opt/rsit" > rsp

  3. Use the pkgadd -r option to provide the relocation information during the installation.

    pkgadd –r rsp -d rsit-server-

Note: To provide access to binaries and man pages after installing to a non-default location, modify the system PATH and MANPATH variables.

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