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Client Configuration Files

Reflection for Secure IT configuration files control connections made using ssh. The settings in the client configuration files also control scp and sftp connections. The default, global, configuration file is:


This file is installed when you install Reflection for Secure IT. The installed file contains commented out lines showing default values for the client settings. A duplicate copy of this file is installed to /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config.example.

In addition, you can create configuration files for individual users in:


The ssh client processes settings cumulatively in the following order. If a setting is configured in more than one place, the last value processed overrides any previous value of the same setting.

  1. System-wide configuration file: /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config
  2. User-specific configuration file: $HOME/.ssh2/ssh2_config
  3. Optional user configuration file specified using the -F switch on the ssh command line.
  4. Command line options used with ssh, scp, and sftp.

For detailed information about client configuration file keywords, see Client Configuration Keywords.

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