Installing Reflection for Secure IT
System Requirements
Install Reflection for Secure IT
Migration and Upgrade
Uninstall Reflection for Secure IT
Installer Advanced Tab
Getting Started (Winserver)
Get Started with the Server Console
Start and Stop the Server
Getting Help
Understanding Secure Shell
General Server Configuration
Saving Server Settings
Restore Default Settings
Status Tab
General Pane
Change the Server Port
Network Pane
Network Binding Dialog Box
Data Protection
Data Encryption
Data Integrity
Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)
Encryption Pane
Key Exchange
Key Exchange Pane
Server Authentication
Public Key Authentication
Public Key Authentication Sequence of Events
Configure Public Key Host Authentication
Identity Tab
Generate Host Private Key Dialog Box
Export Public Key Dialog Box
Certificate Authentication Overview
Certificate Authentication Sequence of Events
Configure Certificate Server Authentication
Kerberos (GSSAPI) Authentication
Configure GSSAPI Server and Client Authentication
Client Authentication
Client Authentication Methods
Authentication Pane
Configure Password User Authentication
Configure Keyboard Interactive User Authentication
Password Pane
Configure Public Key User Authentication: Reflection for Secure IT Windows Clients
Configure Public Key User Authentication: Reflection for Secure IT UNIX Clients
Public Key Pane
Use Cached Passwords with Public Key Authentication
Manage Cached Passwords
Password Cache Pane
Domain Access Pane
Configure Client Authentication using Windows Credentials
GSSAPI / Kerberos V5 Pane
Secure File Transfer
File Transfer Overview
Specify the User Login Directory
Customize Directory Access for File Transfers
Virtual Root Directories in Reflection for Secure IT
SFTP Directories Pane
Accessible Directory Settings Dialog Box
Controlling Access
Access Control Settings
Using Allow and Deny Rules for Access Control
Controlling Access from Client Computers
Client Host Access Control Pane
Client Host Access Control Dialog Box
Controlling Access by Group
Group Access Control Pane
Group Access Control Dialog Box
Controlling Access by User
User Access Control Pane
User Access Control Dialog Box
Command Shell Access
Permissions Pane
Working with Subconfigurations
Subconfiguration Overview
Configure Group-Specific Settings
Group Configuration Pane
Group Configuration Dialog Box
Configure User-Specific Settings
User Configuration Pane
User Configuration Dialog Box
Revert settings to inherited values
Configure Inheritance of SFTP Accessible Directories
Port Forwarding
Port Forwarding Overview
Disable Port Forwarding
Use the Windows Event Viewer
Event Logging Pane
Enable Logging to a Text File
Debug Logging Pane
Custom Log Events Dialog Box
Managing System Resources
Troubleshooting Reflection for Secure IT Help
Command Line Utilities
rsshd Command Line Utility
ssh-keygen Command Line Utility
Files Used by Reflection for Secure IT
Regular Expression Syntax
Table of Migrated Settings
Manual Host Key Migration
Pattern Strings in Directory Paths
Keyboard Access to Console Features
Glossary of Terms
CA (certificate authority)
CRL (Certificate Revocation List)
data integrity
digital certificate
digital signature
GSSAPI (Generic Security Services Application Program Interface)
MAC (Message Authentication Code)
port forwarding
public key/private key
Reflection for Secure IT configuration file
Reflection for Secure IT data folder
Reflection for Secure IT migration log file
regular expression
Secure Shell
UTC (Universal Time, Coordinated)
Windows home folder
Windows user profile folder
Copyrights and Notices