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Reflection for Secure IT Windows Server is a full-featured, easily customizable Windows-based Secure Shell server.

Secure Shell is a protocol for securely logging onto a remote computer and executing commands. It provides a secure alternative to Telnet, FTP, rlogin, or rsh. Secure Shell connections require both server and user authentication, and all communications pass between hosts over an encrypted communication channel. You can also use Secure Shell connections to forward X11 sessions or specified TCP/IP ports through the secure tunnel.

With Reflection for Secure IT version 7.0 SP1, you can:

  • Monitor the number of connected sessions
  • Configure all server settings using the server console
  • Configure public key or certificate host authentication
  • Configure password, keyboard interactive, public key and GSSAPI/Kerberos user authentication
  • Specify which encryption, hashing, and key exchange algorithms the server supports
  • Enforce FIPS-140 algorithm standards
  • Control access to the server from client hosts, groups, or users
  • Control and customize file transfer directories
  • Configure customized settings for individual users or user groups
  • Audit and troubleshoot using configurable logging information
  • Use command-line utilities to control the server and manage keys