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Event Logging Pane

Getting there

Use Event Logging to configure logging to the Windows Event Viewer.


  • To open the Windows Event Viewer quickly from the server console use the Event Viewer button:
    Event viewer button

The options are:


Enable logging to Windows Event Viewer

Enables logging to the Event Viewer. Use the log level options to determine which events are logged.

SSH server and SFTP event log level


Errors, Warnings, Information, Protocol details, Hex-dump

Use this list to determine which events are recorded in the event log. These categories provide increasing detail as you move down the list, and selecting any item automatically selects all the previous items. For full control of which events are recorded, use the Custom option.

Errors are fatal program errors, Warnings are authentication failures. Information includes all successful connections, logins, logouts, and general information. Protocol details include all messages sent to and from the server. Hex-dump includes all actual data exchanged and may include private and sensitive information. To maintain security, you should, at least, monitor Errors and Warnings.



Select Custom for full control over which events are recorded; click Custom events to specify the particular events or groups of events you want logged.

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