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Network Binding Dialog Box

Getting there

The options are:


Listening address

Specifies the server IP address. By default, the address is blank, which sets the listening address to This configures the server to listen to any available IP address.

If your computer has multiple interfaces, leaving this option set to configures the server to listen on all interfaces. To configure the server to listen on a specific interface, enter the IP address into this text box. The address must be a valid network address for this computer.



Specifies the port on which the server listens. The default is 22, which is the standard port for Secure Shell connections.


Client keep alive

Use this setting to close client sessions that have become unresponsive.

When this setting is selected, the server sends a keep-alive packet through the Secure Shell channel to any client that has been idle for the specified number of seconds. If the server receives no response, it closes the client session.


Require reverse DNS lookup

When a client initiates a connection, the server always tries to resolve the client domain name. When Require reverse DNS lookup is selected, the server refuses connections from clients whose domain name cannot be resolved.