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Client Debugging

You can configure debugging on the ssh, sftp, and scp command line. You can also configure debugging that applies to all of these session types in the client configuration file (/etc/ssh2/ssh2_config).

Command Line Options

Use the following command-line options to configure client-side debugging.


Used by


-d debug_level

ssh, ssh-agent

Sets the debug level. Increasing the value increases the amount of information displayed. Use 1, 2, 3, or 99. (Values 4-98 are accepted, but are equivalent to 3.)

-D debug_level

scp, sftp

Equivalent to ssh -d.

Note: scp and sftp use an uppercase D.


ssh, scp, sftp

Sets the debug level to verbose mode, which is equivalent to setting the debug level to 2.



Enables quiet mode, which causes all warning and diagnostic messages, including banners, to be suppressed.

Configuration File Keywords

You can configure the following settings in the client configuration file. (The global file is /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config; the user-specific file is $HOME/.ssh2/ssh2_config.)




Equivalent to -q.


Sets the debug level to verbose mode. Equivalent to -v.