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Password Cache Pane

Getting there

Use password caching if client users authenticate using public key authentication, and also need access to domain resources (such as printers and remote file servers) that require domain credentials. Users must log in using a password at least once. After a user's password is cached, the server can use the cached password to acquire credentials on behalf of the user. This enables users to access domain resources.

The options are:


Record password for caching

When selected, the credentials of client users who log in using a password are added to the password cache.


Use password cache

When selected, users who authenticate using public key authentication have access to domain resources using cached passwords.


View cache

Loads a list of users whose passwords are included in the cache.



Available when you have cached passwords. When selected, this option opens the Delete Password Cache Item dialog box, from which you can delete:

  • Selected items
  • All items
  • Items based on the last access date
  • Items based on domain and/or user

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