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Enable Logging to a Text File

Text logging is not enabled by default. Enable logging to a debug log file to have logging messages sent to a simple text file.

You can use both the Windows Event Viewer and the debug log file, and you can configure different levels of logging to each. For example, you might configure the server to send more detailed logging information to the debug log file.

To enable logging to a text file

  1. From the Configuration tab, click Debug Logging
  2. Click Enable debug logging to log file, and then select the events you want logged.
  3. Click File > Save.
  4. The server settings are updated.

By default, logs are saved to a subfolder called Logs in the server's data folder. Log file names are generated automatically, using the format RSSHD-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSSmmm.log, where YYYYMMDD indicates the date, and HHMMSSmmm indicates the GMT time of log file creation.

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