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Configure Keyboard Interactive User Authentication

Use the Password pane to configure keyboard interactive authentication. Keyboard interactive authentication must also be supported by the client.

To configure keyboard interactive authentication on the server

  1. Start the server console, and then click Configuration.
  2. Go to Authentication > Password.
  3. Select Password authentication using keyboard interactive (the default).
  4. Configure the server to allow, require, or deny password authentication.

    Note: When you select Deny, both password authentication and keyboard interactive authentication are denied, regardless of whether Password authentication using keyboard interactive is selected.

  5. Configure additional password authentication options, including:
    • The number of password attempts to allow, and the delay between tries.
    • Whether to permit empty passwords, and/or whether to allow password changes.

      Note: When Password authentication using keyboard interactive is not selected, these settings apply to traditional password authentication only; when selected, these settings also apply to keyboard interactive authentication.

  6. Click File > Save.
  7. The server settings are updated.

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