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Data Encryption

Encryption protects the security of data in transit. This is accomplished by encrypting the data before it is sent using a secret code, or cipher. The received data must be decrypted using the same cipher. The client and server agree on a cipher during the key exchange portion of the connection process. The client presents a list of supported ciphers in order of preference. The cipher used for a given session is the first item in this list that is also supported by the server.

Reflection for Secure IT Windows Client supports the following data encryption standards:

  • DES (56-bit)
  • Arcfour (40- or 128-bit)
  • TripleDES (168-bit)
  • Cast (128-bit)
  • Blowfish (128-bit)
  • AES (also known as Rijndael) (128-, 192-,or 256-bit)