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Configure Client Authentication using Certificates

Digital certificates can be used for either host and/or client authentication in Reflection Secure Shell client sessions. Certificates are not required and are not used by default. This topic describes how to configure the Reflection client for certificate authentication. For information about how to configure the Secure Shell server, consult the server documentation.

To configure certificate authentication on the client

  1. Obtain a file (such as a *.pfx or *.p12 file) that contains your personal certificate and an associated private key. (You can obtain certificates from a certification authority.)
  2. Import this certificate into the personal tab of either the Reflection Certificate Manager or the Windows certificate store.
  3. In Reflection, open the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box.
  4. On the General tab, check to be sure that Public Key is selected under User Authentication. (This is the default.)
  5. On the User Keys tab, locate the certificate you want to use in the list of available keys. Check the box in the Use column to enable use of this certificate.