Starting the Administrative WebStation

Using Passwords

Each time you start Reflection Administrator as an administrator, you enter a password. If you lose the administrator password, edit the PropertyDS.xml file to create a new password.

  1. Stop the servlet runner.

  2. Open the PropertyDS.xml file, which by default is located in the [installation path]\ReflectionServer\ReflectionData\ directory, in a text editor.

  3. Look for the AC.AdminPw property. Delete the characters between the two <string> </string> tags that follow the property.

  4. Save PropertyDS.xml.

  5. Restart the servlet runner.

  6. In your browser, go to http://[management server name]:[port number]/rweb/AdminStart.html

  7. Click the link to open the Administrative WebStation. Click Security Setup, then click the Security tab.

  8. Enter a New password (leaving the Existing password box blank), confirm the new password, and click Save Settings.

  9. Log out of the WebStation, and a login page opens that requests your new password.

Where To Go Next