Installing Reflection

Servlet Runner (Tomcat)

If you are installing on a platform for which an automated installer is not provided or if you cannot run the automated installer for any reason, use to install Tomcat (located on the CD-ROM for your platform in the \install\nonautomated\ directory).


Extract into a ReflectionServer directory on your computer.

Configuring the servlet runner

Enter the JAVA_HOME variable in the appropriate files. (You must have a JDK installed on the computer.)


  1. Open the [installation path]\jakarta-tomcat-[version number]\bin\setenv.bat file in a text editor. Search for java.exe on your computer and enter the path to the folder above the \bin\ folder in the JAVA_HOME line in setenv.bat. For example, the JAVA_HOME line might be:

       set JAVA_HOME=C:\Sun\AppServer\jdk
       set JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\j2re1.5.0_01

  2. Save your changes.

UNIX or Linux:

  1. Open the [installation path]/jakarta-tomcat-[version number]/bin/ file in a text editor. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable path so it corresponds to your directory structure. Search for java on your computer and enter the path to the directory above the /bin/ directory. The JAVA_HOME line in might read, for example:


  2. Save your changes.

  3. Set permissions on the .sh files to allow full access for owner, and read and execute permissions for group and other. Use the following command:

       chmod 755 *.sh

After you have installed Tomcat, install and configure the Reflection management server.

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