Starting the Administrative WebStation

To start the Administrative WebStation:

  1. Start the servlet runner.

  2. Open the URL for the login page in your web browser. (On Windows with an automated installation, go to Start > Programs > Attachmate Reflection Administrator > Administrative WebStation.) The URL uses this format:

    http://[host name]:[port number]/[web application context]/AdminStart.html

    If the port number is the default of 80 for HTTP, you need not include it. For example, the URL to open the Administrative WebStation might be:


  3. When you connect using a self-signed certificate, your browser will warn you about the certificate you created. This is expected behavior; in the warning message that opens, accept the self-signed certificate or choose to proceed and the Reflection Administrator login page will open. This warning message will not appear after you purchase a CA-signed certificate.

  4. Log on as an administrator by entering the password that you specified during installation. If you installed Reflection Administrator using an archive file, the default password is admin. It is recommended that you change this password later. (Use the Security tab of Security Setup in the WebStation.)

  5. Click Submit. A links list opens; click the Administrative WebStation link.

Note: If the login page does not open as expected and you are running Reflection Administrator on a Windows 2003 operating system, ensure that the Reflection management server has been added to the appropriate security zone in your browser.

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