Installing Reflection

Manual Installation Procedures

If you want to use a servlet runner other than the one automatically installed with Reflection (Tomcat), if you are installing on a platform for which an automated installer is not provided, or if you cannot run the automated installer for any reason, use a compressed archive file to install the needed component (located on the CD-ROM for your platform in the \install\nonautomated\ directory).

The following archives are provided:

Archive Component PFX tool: This is a tool for diagnosing problems with PFX keystore files. For more information, contact External Web Sitetechnical support.
Reflection management server (Emulation & Administration)
Metering server Security proxy server SiteMinder files: This includes files necessary for integrating Reflection with eTrust SiteMinder. Static Session Migration Wizard Servlet runner

Important: Before Installing from an Archive File

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