Configuring Components

Configuring License Pools

  1. Create and then run your metered sessions. This automatically creates the product license pools.

  2. Open the metering configuration tool.

  3. After logging in, click a link for the product to configure. Your licenses and products and the type of enforcement, if any, are specified here.

  4. When you ran your metered product, the Product, Product type, and VPA number were specified, and appear here as static text.

  5. Select the type of license (either nonconcurrent or concurrent). Enter the number of licenses covered by the agreement.

  6. Enter the Major version number of the product. For example, if you are using Reflection for the Web version 8.0, enter 8.

  7. Select the Limit number of concurrent users to number of licenses check box if you want to block users from running Reflection or making connections when the number of concurrent users exceeds the number of licenses.

  8. If license limits have been exceeded, the management server can notify administrators you list here. (You must first configure the global SMTP and e-mail account name fields when you configure metering options .) Enter e-mail addresses separated by commas. E-mail notifications can be sent if Concurrent is selected as the license type.

  9. Select the Enable Reflection for the Web connection limit check box to prevent users from logging on to more than the number of hosts you specify in the field. This feature is available for Web-based sessions only.

  10. Click Submit. Repeat these steps for each Attachmate product you want to meter. These settings appear in the License Pool Settings list. Click the product name in the list to edit these settings later.

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