Configuring Components

Opening the Metering Configuration Tool

Use the metering configuration tool to set options for license pools or the metering server.

  1. Start the servlet runner.

  2. Open the metering configuration tool:

    If you used the Windows automated installer, go to Start > Programs > Attachmate Reflection Administrator > Metering Configuration.

    On other platforms or if you installed using an archive file, open a browser and go to the metering configuration URL, which will be in this form:

         http://[server name]:[port number]/[metering server context name]/AdminStart.html

    For example, if you used the default settings, the URL might be:


  3. A log on page opens. Enter the Metering administrator password, and click Submit.

    If you used an automated installer, you entered a password during installation. Type your password here.

    If you used an archive file, type in the default password, admin. You can change this password later.

  4. Configure license pools.

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