Preparing to Install

System Requirements

You can install Reflection Administrator components on a single computer or on separate computers. Detailed system requirements are provided in the Administrative WebStation. If you install all components on the same machine, you need 200MB of disk space. Briefly, the requirements for each of the components are as follows:

Reflection Management Server Requirements

The Reflection management server (the Administrative WebStation and the terminal emulation files) is platform-independent. It should be run on a server class operating system. To run the Reflection Administrator management server, you need the following:

Although the Administrative WebStation is installed on a web server computer, it can run in a browser on any machine.

To run the Administrative WebStation, you need:

The terminal emulation files include the Java applets that you install onto your web server to deploy Reflection terminal sessions to your users.

To run Reflection terminal sessions, end users need:

The Administrative WebStation contains a list of the supported web browsers.

Security Proxy Server Requirements

To run the optional security proxy server, you need:

Metering Server Requirements

To run the optional metering component, you need:

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