Preparing to Install

Security Proxy Server Overview

Install the optional security proxy server component onto a server computer that will act as a proxy for Reflection for the Web terminal sessions and Reflection Windows-based terminal sessions, routing encrypted network traffic to and from user workstations. The server where you install this component must have a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) capable of running Java applications.

The security proxy server component can be installed to the same server as the Reflection management server. If you install the security component on a different computer, however, increase the security of each Reflection terminal session by ensuring that there is only one known, secure link between the proxy server and the host computer. You may want to consider a dedicated connection between the proxy server and the host computer, so that the proxy server does not communicate with the host computer over a connection accessible by other computers on the network.

Another approach is to run the proxy server directly on the host computer, if a compatible JVM is available for the host system. If you run the proxy server directly on the host computer, secure connections will be CPU intensive because additional processing is required to encrypt and decrypt the data stream.

After installation, some additional configuration of the security proxy server is necessary; see Setting Up the Security Proxy Server for more information. The Administrative WebStation also contains information about configuring terminal sessions for secure connections.

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