Configuring Components

Creating Secure Sessions

  1. Open the Session Manager in the Administrative WebStation to create configuration files that launch secure terminal sessions.

  2. Click the Add button, or click a session name to add security to an existing session.

  3. Name and select the session type (both web-based and Windows-based sessions can be configured to use the security proxy). On the Configure a Reflection Session page, click the Launch button.

  4. In the session window, on the Connection menu, click Session Setup.

  5. Click the Security button, and select the Use SSL/TLS security check box.

  6. Select the Use Reflection security proxy check box, and then select the proxy and proxy port to use. Specify the default destination host and port number. For more information about settings in this dialog box, click the Help button.

  7. Click OK to close the Security dialog box. Click OK to close the Session Setup dialog box.

  8. Continue to configure your session by specifying options using the menus in the session window.

  9. Close the session window, and click the Save/Exit button to save your changes and return to the Administrative WebStation.

  10. The new secure session is listed in the Session Manager.

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