Sample Map File with RuleType Stanzas

RuleType user
# the following rules are evaluated for user certificates only:
{ scott } Subject.CN Contains acme
{ joe } Subject.CN Equals acme
{ guest }
RuleType host
# The following rule is evaluated for host certificates only:
{ elmer.acme } Subject.CN Contains elmer
RuleType user-address=myserver
# The following rule is evaluated only when myserver
# requests validation of a user certificate:
{ good %subst% } Regex UPN "([A-Za-z0-9\.-])@[*.]"
RuleType none
# "none" is the default if no RuleType is specified.
# If no rule is successfully applied from "user" or "host",
# this rule is evaluated.
{ good } SerialandIssuer contains 123 Subject.CN=foo