PKI Services Manager Initialization

PKI Services Manager initialization depends on your operating system:

  • On Windows systems, initialization happens after installation when you do any of the following: start the console, start the service, restart Windows, or use the initialization option of the winpki command line utility.

  • On UNIX systems, initialization happens automatically when you run the install script.

What happens during initialization?

  • User data folders (config, logs, cache, local-store, temp) are created in the PKI Services Manager data folder The user data directory is configurable. The default is:. UNIX: /opt/attachmate/pkid Windows: \ProgramData\Attachmate\ReflectionPKI\ .

  • Default pki_config and pki_map files are created in the config folder.

  • Private and public keys are created in the config folder. These keys are used to verify the identity of the server to applications using the PKI Services Manager services.

  • Correct folder and file permissions are set on files and folders.

  • (Windows only) If an sshd2_config file is present from a Reflection for Secure IT server (version 6.1 or older) or an F-Secure server, settings for handling certificate authentication are migrated to PKI Services Manager configuration and map files. (On UNIX systems, you can manually migrate settings using the pkid -m option.)