Test Certificate Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to test if a certificate is valid and to determine which identities can authenticate using a valid certificate.

NOTE:The certificate validation test applies only to end-entity certificates, not CA certificates. Valid CA-signed root and intermediate certificates will not pass the validation test.


Click Browse to select the user or server certificate you want to test. You can add a certificate from your local store or the Windows certificate store. You can also specify a certificate file that's not in any store.


  • Validate certificate and revocation
  • Validates the specified certificate and checks its revocation status. To pass a validity test, the certificate's trust anchor must be listed on the Trusted Chain pane.
  • List matched mapper rule identities
  • Lists the identities that can authenticate using the specified certificate base on your current Identity > Mapper settings.
  • Perform validate and mapper rule operations
  • Performs both of the above tests.


Test results display here when you click Test.


Click this button to test the specified certificate.