Set Data Folder Dialog Box

If you are running PKI Services Manager on Windows, you can change the data directory.

Use default

Use the default data folder.

Use custom

Use a custom data folder.

Data folder

Click Browse to specify the new data folder location. The folder must already exist, and must be on the computer running PKI Services Manager; network locations are not supported.


  • If no configuration file is present in the new location, you will be given the choice of copying the contents of your existing bas directory to the new location, or creating a new, default configuration.

  • When Use default is selected, the Data folder option is not available and any path displayed is ignored.

Enable fail-over cluster support

This option configures PKI Services Manager to run in a Microsoft cluster environment.

When this option is selected, the value you specify for Data folder should be a local directory on the shared physical disk you have set up as part of your cluster group.

NOTE:To configure a cluster, you must be running the server in a Microsoft cluster environment. The Microsoft cluster service is required to manage access to shared resources.