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Save, Reload, and Restart on Windows

After you make changes using the PKI Services Manager console, you need to save these changes in order to update the configuration and map files.

Note: Saved changes do not affect subsequent certificate validation requests until you either reload your settings or restart the service.

The following settings require a restart:

Private key location
PKI server address
Enforce DOD PKI settings
FIPS mode
Allow MD5 signed certificates
Maximum log files
Log output to file

All other settings changes require a reload.

To save modified settings

File > Save

To reload modified settings

Server > Reload

Note: Reloading the configuration also clears the internal in-memory caches used for downloading certificates and CRLs. Although certificate and CRL lifetimes are honored by the cache, it might be necessary to clear these manually if a certificate or CRL has been updated at its source before it has expired.

To restart the service

The server restarts automatically when you restart Windows, or use either of the following:

  • From a the PKI Services Manager console, click Server > Stop, then Server > Start.


  • From a DOS command window, enter the following command:

winpki restart