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Revocation Settings

Getting there

The options are:


Note: This option is available only if you're configuring trust-specific settings.

Clear Override to configure certificate-specific values for a setting. Select Override to restore settings to global values.

Policy OIDs

Enter one or more (comma-separated) OIDs to to use when application policies are in force, either because Use explicit policy is selected or because policies are required by the certificate being presented or by a certificate within the chain of trust.

Select "Any policy" to allow use of any Policy Identifier.

Note: The default value is "No policy". When you select Use explicit policy, you must change this value to indicate which policy or policies are allowed. If Use explicit policy is selected and Policy OID is set to "No policy", no certificate can pass validation.

Use explicit policy

Select this option to enforce application policies. Use Policy OIDs to specify which policy or policies are allowed.

Strict validation

Specifies whether strict checking rules (as defined in RFC 3280) are used when validating certificates. Many certificates cannot pass strict checks.