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Console Menu Commands






Saves configuration changes. Changes are not read by the server until you reload the settings.

Changes to the General, Local Store, Trusted Chain and Revocation panes are saved to pki_config.

Global changes to the Identity Mapper pane are saved to pki_mapfile. Certificate-specific mappings are saved to a uniquely named map file that is created in the same location.


Set Data Folder

Changes the application data folder.



Closes the console (doesn't stop the service if it is running.)







Test certificate

Tests whether a certificate is valid and determine which identities are allowed to authenticate with a certificate.


View Public Key

Displays the fingerprint of the PKI Services Manager public key.








Starts the service.



Stops the service.



Reloads changes to server configuration files without stopping the service. Changes you have saved to the configuration file do not affect the service until you reload the settings or restart the service. (Some changes require a restart. For a list of these commands, see Save, Reload, and Restart on Windows.)

Reloading the configuration also clears the internal in-memory caches used for downloading certificates and CRLs. Although certificate and CRL lifetimes are honored by the cache, it might be necessary to clear these manually if a certificate or CRL has been updated at its source before it has expired.

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