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Reflection PKI Services Manager provides a service for validating X.509 certificates. You can configure supported Attachmate products to use PKI Services Manager to validate certificates presented for authentication. PKI Services Manager can be installed on Windows or UNIX systems, and a single installation can support validation queries from multiple supported product installations. This user guide provides detailed information about PKI Services Manager. For additional information about configuring supported products to communicate with PKI Services Manager, refer to the product documentation.

Reflection PKI Services Manager feature list

Getting Started


On Windows




Testing certificates

Starting and Stopping the service

Certificate storage options


Testing certificates

Starting and stopping the service

Certificate storage options

Configuration Files

pki_config reference

pki_mapfile reference

Windows files and folders list

UNIX files and directories list

Command Line Utilities

pkid / winpki command reference

pki-client command reference

Technical Notes

Reflection PKI Services Manager Overview (Technical Note 2425)

Documentation for Products that use PKI Services Manager

Reflection for Secure IT UNIX Server and Client

Reflection for Secure IT Windows Server