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Local Store Pane

Getting there

The options are:

Local store

The local store is used to hold items that are required for certificate validation. Depending on your configuration, this may include trusted root certificates, intermediate certificates, and/or Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).

The default local store is:

common application data folder\Attachmate\ReflectionPKI\local-store

You can add folders or files. When you add a folder, all the contents of the folder, including subfolders, are included in your store. Files must be binary or base 64 encoded X.509 certificates or CRLs.

Path details

Shows certificates available in the selected item under Local Store. To view the contents of a certificate, select it and click View.


  • Changes made on this pane are saved to the PKI Services Manager configuration file (pki_config).
  • Changes made on this pane do not take effect until you reload the settings (Server > Reload) or restart the server.