Programming with FTP OLE Automation

image\rwnprg32.gif UseSSH property



Object.UseSSH =

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether the Reflection FTP Client connects using the Secure Shell protocol. When this property is True, the value of UseSFTP determines whether Reflection uses the FTP or SFTP protocol.

If UseSSH is True and UseSFTP is False (the default), Reflection uses the FTP protocol, and tunnels data through the port specified by SSHLocalPort. All communications are sent through the SSH tunnel. This includes FTP commands (including user name and password) and all transmitted data (including directory listings and the contents of the files you transfer). Because the user must authenticate to both the SSH and FTP server, two password prompts will appear by default. Note: When UseSFTP is True, you must make the connection to the FTP server in Passive mode. To do this, use the PassiveMode parameter in the Open or Connect method. See the example for sample code.

If UseSSH is True and UseSFTP is True, Reflection connects using the SFTP protocol. SFTP supports fewer commands than the full FTP protocol and all information is sent through a single, secure channel.


The default value is False.