Programming with FTP OLE Automation

image\rwnprg32.gif StartLog method


Syntax Object.StartLog Filename, [Append], [Winsock]



Sends FTP log information to the specified file. For example, this statement starts logging, appends new information to the existing file, and includes Winsock information:

FTPObject.StartLog "C:\mypath\mylog.txt", True, True


Filename Argument type: String
The path and file name used for logging information. You can use absolute or relative paths.

Append Boolean
Specifies whether log information is appended to an existing file. When Append is True, new information is added to the end of the file. When Append is False, new information overwrites existing information. The default is False.

Winsock Boolean
Specifies whether Windows Socket (Winsock) information is included in the log. The default is False.