Programming with FTP OLE Automation

image\rwnprg32.gif Open method


Syntax Object.Open SiteAddress [,UserName] [,Password] [,Account] [,ServerPort] [,PassiveMode]



Connects to an FTP server and logs in. Also see Connect.

Note: If your site uses a passthrough server to connect to FTP servers, set properties for the passthrough server prior to using the Open method. To use Kerberos security features, set the Kerberos properties prior to using the Open method.


SiteAddress Argument type: String
Specifies the address of the FTP site. This can be an Internet address or name.

UserName Argument type: String
Specifies the user name for initiating the server login. Default is "Anonymous".

Password Argument type: String
Specifies the password assigned to user UserName. Default is AnonymousPassword.

Account Argument type: String
Specifies an account that user UserName has rights to access. Default is blank.

ServerPort Argument type: Integer
Specifies a nonstandard TCP service port number or socket for FTP. If ServerPort is not specified, the standard FTP service port (21) is used.

PassiveMode Argument Type: Boolean
Specifies whether the client should establish a passive data connection to the FTP server. Passive (PASV) mode is used for compatibility with certain firewalls. Default is False.

FTP Script Equivalent